Dr. Joshua Montgomery – Director of Education

Dr. Joshua Montgomery is a Computer Science Professor at Southern State Community College & Adjunct Instructor at Southern New Hampshire University. Montgomery has been a professor for over 10 years, and before that was the Technology Director for the Chillicothe City Schools for 13 years. He is the Curriculum Coordinator for the Ohio Coders Project, an initiative that was developed by the state of Ohio to help K-12 schools in the southern region of the state to develop coding programs and skills for students. Montgomery is the cofounder of SOMACC (Southern Ohio Makers Against COVID Coalition). This grassroots group built 4,500 3D-printed face shields for first responders at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. He is the inventor of the Droid Builders Mini-Dome, a teaching tool used to instruct students in electronics and coding by using a 50% scaled 3D printed R2-D2 dome that can be programmed to blink lights, move motors and play sounds. This project is now supported, funded and powered by the Grant Imahara Foundation.

The Grant Imahara Foundation has purchased supplies and materials for 102 students to build 72 domes for the 2021/2022 school year so students can complete the Grant Imahara Coding Challenge. This coding challenge is a supported initiative by the Ohio Coders Project and will help to further those students understanding of both electronics and coding. Montgomery is also an active member of the Star Wars builder communities.
One of his most significant accomplishments is building a replica of R2-D2, a droid from the movie Star Wars that took him 2.5 years to complete. Montgomery used that experience of building R2-D2 to change how he teaches classes at his college. He explained how building R2-D2 made him a better teacher in his Ted Talk at Dayton Ohio in 2021. Josh and his wife, Brandy, reside in Southern Ohio with their two children and 4 dogs.

Dr. Lindsay Burns – Assistant Director of Education

Education in all its unique forms has always been a passion for Dr. Lindsay Burns. Dr. Burns has been teaching for 12 years, teaching courses in middle school and high school math and science and undergraduate and graduate level courses for the College of Education at The Ohio State University. Dr. Burns completed her undergraduate degree at Ohio University with a B.S. in Middle Childhood Education. As she began her teaching career in a sixth-grade math classroom, she completed her master’s in education at Wright State University. Early on in her career, Dr. Burns realized her interest in curriculum and leadership—knowing that you can create something that can have a lasting positive impact on a child’s education is truly incredible. So, Dr. Burns returned to Wright State to pursue an education specialist degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development. While getting her curriculum administration license for the state of Ohio, she began teaching eighth grade and high school physical science, before returning to eight-grade science to write the curriculum and teach a new integrated STEM course. It was this experience that encouraged her exploration of Ph.D. programs—which landed her at The Ohio State University, researching informal science education and informal science institutions. Her research interests have centered around immersiveness, which examines and integrates exhibit vision, visitor experience, and exhibit goals to create unique learning experiences for science students of all ages and backgrounds. Additional previous projects include engineering education studies, citizen science projects, integrated STEM consulting, and presentations and talks about integrated STEM education.

Dr. Burns currently works as an evaluation specialist contracted to NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement. When not working on projects with Guardians of Honor, LLC., Paragon-TEC, NASA, Ohio State University, New York University, or the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center, Lindsay enjoys building Legos and watching Star Wars movies with her husband and two children.

Alex Bradshaw Educational Technician

Alex Bradshaw is currently a student at Southern State Community College. He is focusing on Networking and Cybersecurity. He has plans to transfer to the University of Cincinnati to continue his education toward a Master’s in Cybersecurity. He is currently assisting Dr. Montgomery with the R2 Mini-dome project. The project teaches kids the basics of coding and electrical engineering principles. Alex has a passion for helping and teaching others. He enjoys playing DND, watching anime, and being a nerd in his free time. 

Cole Newsome Educational Technician

Cole Newsome is currently a student at Southern State Community College. Inside of the Networking and Cybersecurity pathway he plans to transfer to UC to pursue his bachelor’s and master’s degree. He has been involved with STEM based projects from a young age through both school and 4H. After starting at SSCC, he has begun helping with the many projects Doctor Montgomery has been undertaking, helping with the Grant Imahara Coding Challenge and with the Code Scholar Program. Being able to work with good friends, and amazing colleagues, Cole has been able to enjoy teaching the kids around the state involved in the projects. Thanks to his mentors, Cole has seen how far people can go with what they enjoy and is excited to help with future projects.

Tyler Havens Educational Technician

Tyler Havens is a student at Southern State Community College located in Hillsboro, Ohio and seeking to get his degree in networking and cyber security. He is currently working for his professor Doctor Joshua Montgomery as a laboratory aid and assisting with projects such as the Ohio Code Scholar program. Working closely with some of the finest droid builders and mechanical engineers in the country he has developed a great sense of what hard work and determination can do for a community when a group of likeminded individuals come together to do something great. Tyler has only been working with robotics for less than 6 months but has since learned a great deal of knowledge and seeks to teach and help others along their robotics journey as well.

Tyler Havens (21)
Undergrad at Southern State for networking and cyber security
Working under Doc. Montgomery as a laboratory aid
Projects include “The code scholar program” and the “grant Imahara coding challenge”
Working on robotics for a little under 6 months