The TSJ Foundation has an amazing team on builders and educators. Below are links to some of our team members, please select the link to learn more about them and their projects.

Dr. Joshua Montgomery

TSJ Director of Education – Mini Dome Coding Expert

David Ferreira

Droid Building – Robotics Expert

Martín Cerame Colón

TSJ Creative Director – Prop Builder, Designer

Tim O’Sullivan

TSJ Director of Research and Development

Joey Arielle

Exhibit Fabricator

Rick Prince

TSJ Art Director

Thomas Ira Nixon

TSJ Creative Engineer

Rowan Mackenzie

Concept Artist

Jamie Dull

Prop Builder

Douglas A. Bickert

Joy Hoover

professional seamstress

Aedo Morin

TSJ Director of Content Creation and Video Production – Fabricator, Builder

David White

Communication Director – Fabricator, Builder

Matt Hobbs

Droid builder

Matthew Hammer

TSJ Chief Operations Officer – Droid and Prop Builder

Felix Tao

TSJ Chief Technology Officer – Droid Builder, Prop builder Aerospace Engineer

Andrew Wood

James Culley

Nicole Ortuno

Stephane Beaulieu

Jesse Maricelli

Jesse Campos