Meet o Crest

Meet the ECO CREST Mobile Classroom

September 2022

Being built by MB Customs, the Eco Crest is our “Mobile classroom” for our STEAM Astromechs Robotic Teaching System (I-ARTS) Program. The vehicle is being built out of a 1961 Econoline van and widened, raised, and extended out of aluminum. The Eco Crest is blended together along with a 2017 mustang eco-boost motor and internals being built on top of a custom chassis.

It’ll featured with a center steering, hydraulics for the vehicle to go up and down as well as all the doors and ramps that are wheelchair accessible and these will all be hydraulic driven. The vehicle will be built with a eco-boost mustang motor transplant, with hydraulic doors and ramps it’ll have external fog systems lighting systems and sound system as well as multiple workstations inside the vehicle featuring STEAM education for children to learn multiple aspects of STEAM with our modular work stations teaching robotics, coding, renewable energy, fabrication, and much much more as well as how this vehicle was built and put together. This will be an exciting new way for children to learn In an immersion experience. Check our our Steam I-ARTS page: Click Here for more information.

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