May 19th, 2019 at NIH Children’s Inn 

Theresa Sondra Jacobs Foundation


Awarded the 2019 GuideStar Gold Seal Of Transparency

Theresa Sondra Jacobs Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization named after my mother who passed away on June 4th, 2017 from cancer. My mother Theresa (Terry) was a teacher in Northern Virginia for 3 decades; with her background as an educator, Theresa Sondra Jacobs Foundation is focused on Education. The Foundation’s mission is twofold, first to provide a fun and exciting Intergalactic Mobile themed experience that creates beautiful memories that can last a lifetime for children and adults who are battling cancer, serious illnesses, have special needs, challenges are underprivileged and have financial disadvantages. Second is the emphasis on education; we are working with our amazing volunteers and currently designing our new Interactive Astromechs Robotic Teaching System (I-ARTS) to benefit these individuals.

Our New I-ARTS Program

The new I-ARTS program will also be used in the STEAM programs and will be used to educate challenged financially disadvantaged children and adults the wonders of Robotics and prop building, through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. In addition to schools, the Theresa Sondra Jacobs Foundation is planning to bring this education system into hospitals to help those who are battling cancer, serious illnesses, have special needs, challenges and have financial disadvantages. The special design of this system will allow children and adults in wheelchairs to see up-close how these robotic systems work.  It is most important for everyone to receive the benefits of the I-ARTS program and share our intergalactic learning experience.

To fulfill this mission, the TSJ Foundation has teamed up with the most talented group of Astromech/droid and prop builders to build the I-ARTS program.  This program is designed to help individuals of all ages and skill levels understand the amazing world of robotics and building our props that we use to entertain those in need. In addition, the TSJ Foundation has partnered with the Hampton Road Droid Builders Club and their amazing volunteers.   Hampton Road Droid Builders Club

The Theresa Sondra Jacobs Foundation nonprofit organization is not affiliated with any other costuming or prop building group, Lucas Films, or Disney in any way; we are simply an independent prop building group made up of super fans that are trying to make a difference to those in need one smile at a time. Star Wars, its characters, customs, prop, droid and design concepts and all associated items are intellectual property of Lucasfirm, @2019 Lucasfilm Ltd.& ™.