Igniting the Pursuit of Knowledge

The Theresa Sondra Jacobs Foundation’s focus is on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics: (S.T.E.A.M.) education. Part of our educational programs involve mobile classrooms. The first in our fleet is the ECO-CREST, this vehicle is just under 30 feet long and equipped with 7 work stations (5 inside and 2 outside) featuring our unique I-ARTS Program (InterActive Robotic Teaching System). This teaching system is used in our S.T.E.A.M. programs to teach children the wonders of robotics, animatronics, programming, solar energy, fabrication, prop building and art through S.T.E.A.M. The TSJ Foundation I-ARTS mobile classroom delivers a very unique and exciting galactic mobile themed experience using animatronics and themed vehicles to excite children into learning. This unique educational program features innovative ways to teach children and we have detailed free courses that we support programs online. This unique program is used at schools, hospitals, afterschool programs, camps, etc., to teach the children about the different subjects in S.T.E.A.M. The online free courses give children a vast amount of information and knowledge from all the topics from the builders of the programs introduced in our mobile classroom.

More about our I-ARTS Program

The themed mobile classroom is the “introduction” to the numerous lessons and programs using our unique “modular teaching system” that we will be offering to students that go through our immersive experience. Our modular system incorporates self contains lessons built onto 2.5’ wide by 5’ tall panels that are socketed into our various mobile classrooms or can be stand-alone on our mobile kiosk stands. Our mobile classrooms can accommodate multiple panels to create learning for a specific subject area of STEAM. An example of one of our modular system panels introduces the Mini Dome Coding Challenge created by Dr. Joshua Montgomery, which is an amazing S.T.E.A.M. program designed to teach children coding on an introductory level. The panels present the spark that is used to ignite a child’s curiosity and using a unique QR code on each panel will lead them towards their journey of discovery and learning.

Mini Dome Coding Challenge

The education system is meant to prepare students for their future. However, many students miss out on the opportunity for an early introduction to STEAM subjects which is important in preparing a student for their educational and professional careers. Given the introduction to STEAM programs, students are able to increase their skills in advanced thinking, problem solving, teamwork, communication, autonomy, and motivation. Providing these opportunities earlier in a student’s education will help to create a generation of problem solvers and innovators.

Not all students will be introduced to STEAM during their primary education or connect and engage with the material being taught due to the lack of interest, understanding or excitement. TSJ Foundation strives to provide an exciting approach to STEAM by engaging kids in an immersive galactic themed mobile classrooms.

TSJ has a team of staff and volunteers building the mobile galactic themed units, yet we will not be able to attain our goal without the support given by individuals, companies, and communities whether they be donations, sponsorships, or grants as the TSJ Foundation is an educational nonprofit 501(c)(3).

By establishing a partnership with the Theresa Sondra Jacobs Foundation, you are supporting students in communities to have STEAM experiences that they wouldn’t otherwise be available. Please consider supporting our Foundation’s mission and our I-ARTS program by helping the us reach our goal. We look forward to discussing these exciting opportunities with you.