Tim OSullivan is the Director of Research and Development for the TSJ Foundation. He is a retired military officer with 21 years of active-duty service. Tim was medically retired in 2013 for combat wounds sustained in Basra Iraq. Upon retiring from his military service he later found the therapeutic tasks of 3D printing, 3D modeling building Droids and movie related props. Tim’s award winning cosplay characters have placed in both San Diego Comicon and Star Wars Celebration. His builds and animatronics have since been used to support to STEAM programs, Children Hospitals, Veteran Events and Service Dog organizations. His work had also enabled him to 3D model and develop a special prosthetic that was used for a child in the Paralympics. Over the past 5 years Tim’s builds include C-3PO, Bistan Moroff, R2D2, BB-8, DO, Chopper, Q9-0, Life size Taun Taun bust, Animatronic Babu Frick, Animatronic Episode 1 C-3PO, Animatronic Rat Catcher bust, Animatronic Grogu and most recently earned 2nd place in 2022 Star Wars Celebration Cosplay competition in Anaheim as Bistan from Rogue One. Tim is currently building animatronic Grogu, C-3P0, Argus and Babu Frick for the TSJ Foundation Educational STEAM programs. He currently finished building two Animatronic C3PO with the programing by Andrew Wood.