We are constantly coming up with new ideas and creating new and innovative ways to build them into props.

Another project we just started (July 2019) is the building of a large scale version of Darth Vader’s tie fighter – The advanced X1. The dimensions are 3′ 5″ tall, 5′ long, and 5′ 8″ wide, the cockpit will open on remote control with a built-in fog machine, light and sound system. Darth Vader will also rise from the cockpit.

See below for pictures, updates will be often.

November 29th

November 27th updates

November 12, 2019 updates

August 12, 2019

July 31st, 2019

The Death Star Prop, X-Wing, Falcon, Tie fighters …

Below you will see that we have removed the electronics from some holiday ornaments and adding additional lights, speakers and amplifiers and battery packs to create a supersized Storyteller Series. And … YES, we’re building a Death Star 👍