The Outer Rim

Jamie Dull – The Outer Rim

I have been a life-long fan of Star Wars since first seeing “A New Hope” in the theater in 1977.  Another one of my passions is doing Halloween Haunts. Starting in 2020, I combined my love of Star Wars, and HalIoween, by creating “The Outer Rim”, a Star Wars themed Halloween display. I’ve built everything from Death Star wall panels to a Millennium Falcon corridor, and much more, including talking creatures and droids, and an interactive control panel that lets guest fire a laser cannon!

I have a background in home automation and home theater and I particularly enjoy putting together props and displays featuring, blinking lights, sounds and video. I created a YouTube Channel last year, to share how I make my props and sets, and to share my knowledge.  I love learning new things and being a part of the vibrant Star Wars maker community.

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Below are a few YouTube links that share How To projects.