Currently we have a full size remote controlled 1:1 scale (RC) R2-D2 and Mouse Droid, the Hampton Road Droid Builders ClubHampton Roads Droid Builders is building our new Fully “automated and RC” BB-8 and BB-9e droids!  We hope to have them out entertaining in the next few months. Also we will be updating R2 so he can entertain and be automated with a remote control.



New props: March 2019 re-creating the scene- Destruction of the Death Star




Our new Death Star back drop!


Welcome our new full size Jawa props – with Sound and lights

Millennium Falcon Extraordinaire and Tie Fighters!

We have this 72″ x 60″ huge millennium falcon which we are going to display at events, this unit is very rare, has lights and only 700 were ever made, we are lucky to have two in our collection. We will be updating the falcon with LED lights and a smoke machine for special effects.





Amazing sabers!

Turbo Laser !

New design:

BB-8 and BB-9e


Life Size Darth Maul – Limited edition – 70 inches tall


Han Solo in Carbonite

Millennium falcon, X wings and Tie Fighters