We have taken a rare (huge) millennium falcon extraordinaire (#640 out of 700) and added special effects, LED lighting, smoke machine, and a fresh new paint job. This has a mobile mounting system.

Here is a video of the completed project.



Separation Prep for paint


Getting ready to add the weathering, the smoke system ,LED lighting and sound system.

The weathering has begun.

remote sound system – we are adding large speakers with amp this is a test of the sound board

Polyurethane top coat done!

Windows painted

adding smoke system

Strengthening the structure from the inside with fiberglass resin, building the inner structure for the sound system and the support structure for mounting and fine-tuning the plumbing for the smoke system.

Sound System complete.

Sound, lights and smoke -almost complete. We are adding additional LED lighting and some additional accent pieces and we will be putting her back together!