Douglas Bickert is a Central Ohio Astromech Droid Builder and a member of the global R2 Builders Club associated with Droid Builders Inc; a 501c3 that organizes philanthropic events.  Doug specializes in droid drive systems, dome animatronics, and signal distribution shields.  He has had the privilege of actively participating in droid building panels at multiple Star Wars Celebrations and other conventions.  His creations have been utilized in the franchise and he has many others in private collections.  Doug has an Associate of Arts in Communications from Sinclair Community College, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Ohio Dominican University and holds a ChFC® designation in the financial services industry.  When he is not wrestling with the stock market, he enjoys taking R2 to pediatric cancer fundraisers, children’s hospitals, STEM events, and museums.


Table Top Dome Ring Stand

IA Lifter Hijack Tutorial with Kangaroox2 w/ Sabertooth 2×12 Control

IA Parts Periscope Light Kit i2c upgrade tutorial or my post #1198

Lexan HP Mount for a crowded dome

HP Slip ring Mount

Filthy HP Transplant into Bobc Holo Plate

Warp Core Base Plate v2.0 for Warp Core Dome System

Warp Core Saber Launcher

Foam ROTJ Hero Scaled Saber for Warp Core Saber Launcher

Short Circuit Warp Cell Tutorial

ARDS (Astromech Ring Deployment System) Tutorial

Astromech Flare for Warp Core Saber Launcher


Skin Attachment Method

CPU Arm Installation

ROTJ Welding Arm Installation

Zapper Arm Mech

Zapper Arm Mech with ZAPPING!

Magnetic Body Panel Mounting

Bread Pan Alignment Technique Post #277

Drawing in the rear skin

Magnetic Rear Door Panel Mounting Post #374

The Warp Lock (Rear Door Latch System)

IA Grappling Hook Tutorial

Legs and Feet

The Warp Drives Series B and C (My customized drive system)

Warp Drive Series B Conversion Kit

Warp Pins (Outer Ankle to Outer Foot Shell Pins)

Warp Brackets – Hidden Drive System Foot Shell Mounts

Warp Shells – Complete Foot Shell System (All 3 Shells)

Magnetic Battery Box Mounting for Warp Shells – Centaur, Author

Installing Com8 Ankle Lock on Warp Shells – Centaur, Author

Center Foot Omni Wheel Free Spin on the Sweep Mod


Servo Horn Jacket

SWAP (Servo Without A Plug) Boards

Warp ESB4EZB Servo Bypass

24v (or 12v) Power Bypass & Aux Power Mod

Electronics Listing Post #188

Control Panel Layout

Warp Core System PCBs


The Warp Sled

BG-121 Build (Mando Gonk)

HIC Build

Tie Fighter Inspired Mirror Frame

My Droid Con Presentations

Droid Con 2018 “What Drives You?” Presentation

Droid Con 2018 “Actuators and Ewoks” Presentation

Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails

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