David has been involved in the competitive robotic world since 1996. During that time, David was able to learn and practice the skills of engineering science and technology. The robot was just a tool that brought people together. The true goal of the programs was to inspire the next generation of innovators.

Today David looks to inspire by bridging the gap between all age groups and physical abilities. (We all have a love of Star Wars, so let us show the world how it’s done) This has been the basis for his projects in recent years.

David had designed and created fully functional BB-8 units that can Interact with the public like no other. Seeing the joy and happiness BB-8 brings to the public has driven him to make more exciting droids to inspire the next generation.

Most recently David has contributed to some of the droids on the Boba Fett series and you may have seen his droid on the Star Wars Show, “Gil” RX-91L in 2022 at Star Wars Celebration and you will also find him with Gil on the Star Wars show 2023! David is also one of the TSJ Foundation full time builders and he is designing and building many of the STEAM educational programs.