We have teamed up with amazing “Death Star” Turbolaser Engineers (Aerospace Engineers) and other very talented individuals with years of experience in fabrication, building props and costumes

Felix Tao  Aerospace Engineer

Neil Umayam Engineer

Stephen Umayam

Kevin Kennedy

Eric Jacobs (paint and artwork)

This prop features a built in smoke machine, LED lights, Sound and movement up, down, left right and recoil using servos, relays, timers.,  amplifiers and speakers, etc.  controlled with a 6 channel remote control. The Turbolaser will be mounted on the back of the Death Star (bed of the Hummer H1) however, we can simply remove it from the truck and use inside at events.

This prop simulates the firing of the Turbolasers found on the Death Star surface in A New Hope.   See the imaging below along with finished pictures and videos.

Turbo Laser on Death Star at NIH

Update: New look!







Testing the smoke system


Electronics complete, next is to put everything together with the amp and speakers, finish the Turbo laser design.