The TSJ Foundation has teamed up with the most talented group of Astromech/droid and prop builders to build the I-ARTS program.  This program is designed to help children of all ages and skill levels understand the amazing world of robotics and building our props that we use to entertain those in need. In addition, the TSJ Foundation has  partnered with the Hampton Road Droid Builders Club and their amazing volunteers.  This partnership allows us to complete the I-ARTS program to a level so amazing for children.  For more information, check out the Hampton Road Droid Builders Club!

November of 2019 – Building C-3PO Felix and Eric have started printing C-3PO. Starting with two printers we are now expanding the printing over 4 (3-D) printers. Possibly adding a fifth and sixth soon!

BB8 almost finished

The above pictures are from January 16 2019.

IMG_5878 (1)

This is the left side fly wheel this work help control the rocking back-and-forth

IMG_5891 (1)

This is the motor mount for the Fly wheel motors this will control the spin in place feature


This will be the domes in mount this will give the dome a connection point to the sphere and also give it the ability to rotate

IMG_5894 (1)

Update as of May 30th, 2018 – Counter weight fly wheel – first 72 hour print !!

Additional carbon fiber parts!


August 15, 2018, motor control parts, for the 7 motors.