We have partnered with the Hampton Roads Droid Builders and purchased a 3D printer to create a full size, RC and that will also have autonomous function capability.

Here are carbon fiber 3D printed parts from the amazing Hampton Droid Builders Club!

This is the base of the drive system and is the point that everything will rotate around. And will serve as a base for most of the motors

The above pictures are from January 16 2019.

IMG_5878 (1)

This is the left side fly wheel this work help control the rocking back-and-forth

IMG_5891 (1)

This is the motor mount for the Fly wheel motors this will control the spin in place feature

This will be the domes in mount this will give the dome a connection point to the sphere and also give it the ability to rotate

IMG_5894 (1)

Update as of May 30th, 2018 – Counter weight fly wheel – first 72 hour print !!

Additional carbon fiber parts!

August 15, 2018, motor control parts, for the 7 motors.